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As an investing partner in a multifamily acquisition by Ascension Acquisition’s Group, you can diversify your investment portfolio into the commercial real estate space without having to build up a team (broker contacts, legal representations, property management, general contractors, and so on), a track record, and the equity raise all on your own; nor do you need to find time to search for, analyze, and review deals and then manage the property under acquisition. The idea is to have multiple investors collaborate on a given acquisition, each taking their respective equity stake in the property based on their initial capital investment.

Our investment criteria are centered around value-add plays with an expected 9% minimum cash-on-cash return at stabilization, ~7% cap rate minimum for C-class, and a debt service coverage (DSCR) of at least 1.4. Although we never rely on appreciation, we seek out properties near major corridors just outside the city center.

About Our Investment Partners

  • They are a sophisticated or accredited investors.
  • They have substantial experience with making investment decisions or have an expert that can assist them with this type of investment decision.
  • They have the business and financial experience either solely or with a personal purchaser representative to protect their interests in the transaction.
  • They have the financial ability to bare the risk of losing their investment.
  • They have adequate financial means of providing for their current needs and have no need for liquidity in their investments.
  • Their overall commitment to non-liquid investments is not excessive given their other available assets.

Partnership Organization

The company will hold each of its investment properties in a separate limited liability corporate entity (LLC), and will offer various equity and/or debt opportunities for each acquisition to outside investors and lenders. Each investment under consideration by the company will be outlined and marketed in a prospectus and/or business plan that we will provide to outside investors and lenders for investment consideration.

General Managing Partners

Ascension Acquisition’s Group will be responsible for the asset management of the investment properties, and will retain the right to make decisions affecting day-to-day management and operations.

Ascension Acquisition’s Group, which is comprised of a group of independent legal entities some of which may be affiliates, share a common ownership, or have been sponsored and managed by subsidiaries of Ascension Acquisition’s Group. The contents of this website constitute neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security which can be made only by prospectus, filed or registered agencies, and only sold by broker/dealers authorized to do so.

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